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The list of things I’ve worked on

YearTitlePublished inCollaboration withLink
2022Correspondence - Reply to: Metacognition, Adaptation, and Mental HealthBiological PsychiatrySeow, T. X.F.*·Rouault, M.*·Gillan, C. M.·Fleming, S. M.
2022Consistency within change: Evaluating the psychometric properties of a widely-used predictive-inference taskBiological PsychiatryLoosen, A. M.·Seow, T. X.F.·Hauser, T. U.
2021Reliability of web-based affective auditory stimulus presentationBehavior Research MethodsSeow, T. X.F.·Hauser, T. U.
2021Model-based learning deficits in compulsivity are linked to faulty representations of task structureThe Journal of NeuroscienceSeow, T. X.F.·Benoit, E.·Dempsey, C.·Jennings, M.·Maxwell, A.·O'Connell, R.·Gillan, C. M.
2021How local and global metacognition shape mental healthBiological PsychiatrySeow, T. X.F.*·Rouault, M.*·Gillan, C. M.·Fleming, S. M.
2020A dimensional investigation of error related negativity ERN and self reported psychiatric symptomsInternational Journal of PsychophysiologySeow, T. X.F.·Benoit, E.·Dempsey, C.·Jennings, M.·Maxwell, A.·McDonough, M.·Gillan, C. M.
2020Carving out new transdiagnostic dimensions for research in mental healthBiological Psychiatry: Cognitive Neuroscience and NeuroimagingGillan, C. M.·Seow, T. X.F.
2020Transdiagnostic phenotyping reveals a host of metacognitive deficits implicated in compulsivityScientific ReportsSeow, T. X.F.·Gillan, C. M.
2020The confidence databaseNature Human BehaviourRahnev, D., et al...includ.·Seow, T. X.F.
2019Perceptual sensitivity is modulated by what others can seeAttention, Perception, & PsychophysicsSeow, T.·Fleming, S. M.
2018Psychiatric symptom dimensions are associated with dissociable shifts in metacognition but not task performanceBiological PsychiatryRouault, M.*·Seow, T.*·Gillan, C. M.·Fleming, S. M.
2016Stimulus novelty energizes actions in the absence of explicit rewardPloS OneKoster, R.·Seow, T. X.·Dolan, R. J.·Düzel, E.